Rebecca Rose Carey / 26 / London / Set designer & Illustrator, Art Writer.

 Rebecca Carey creates some fine looking illustrations and also Burger Seats, my personal fav new re-imagining of the pouffe or humble bean bag.  


 Yes, thats right, you sit on it.


 There she is!  And here is what she had to say about food, annoying the boyfriend, hair extensions and also a bit of art speak.

 What is this? 

United Plates of America is a set of prints designed especially for the Amwell Print Fair. It’s inspired by classic regional US cuisine and retro American graphic design. It’s a kind of precursor to a project I’m planning this year – the American Typefeast, which will be a sequel to my original Japanese Typefeast which sells in various shops around London.

What do you do when you’re procrastinating?

Nail art… and I cook and bake a lot. Sometimes I spend hours in the kitchen when I know I should be doing work! I’m a bit of a foodie as you can probably tell… Surprisingly, I’m not fat.

How/When/Where do you do your work?

Mostly at home, unless I’m assisting or working on a shoot, then it’ll be at someone else’s studio. I’m hoping to find a live-in studio this year. I always listen to music and love working outside in the garden in summer. I work around the clock, my boyfriend sometimes gets annoyed by it! I love my work though so it doesn’t always feel like work.

How do you earn the rent? 

Freelancing and doing hair extensions. I have a little side business. Most people can’t get their head around it (no put intended there!) they think it’s bizarre and that I must be some sort of bimbo.

In five years time you would like to be…

Living in a hot country, working as a fully-fledged freelancer or possibly an art director. I really want to work for myself and run my own business.

In five years time you will be…

Hopefully thinking back to this interview and smiling smugly to myself whilst sipping a Pina Colada.

Final words of advice…

Find your passion and master it. Do something that makes you happy day-to-day. Life is too short… And if you work hard money and success will follow naturally.

At the moment I am…

Reading… Donnie Brasco. I love all those mafia films and books.

Listening to… We’ve just got a record player and have bought a few Kerri Chandler records and a lovely Bill Withers LP, everything sounds better on vinyl!

Watching… Re-runs of Friends to help the winter pass by cosily.

Looking at… Flights… Oh and also the current Martin Parr and Tony Ray-Jones exhibition. I recently wrote an article about it for Kolekto magazine.

We can find you at… /

Rebecca’s prints are currently available in our online shop.  Snap ‘em up whilst you can.