Janne Iivonen / 30 / Brighton / Illustrator


Janne Iivonen x Printer of Dreams presents “Jam Session”. Over the next fortnight, Finnish illustrator, Janne Iivonen will be taking over Printer of Dreams window display with his exclusive series, creating his own inimitable vision of an unusual musical jam. The series of four exclusive signed limited edition Giclée prints will be available in the shop and online atwww.theprinterofdreams.com.

Born in Helsinki, but now based in Brighton, Janne’s bold style, intriguing palette and knack for characterisation has quickly won him fans around the world. As backed up by recent work for The Times, Bloomberg Businessweek and The International New York Times. His latest series highlights Janne’s ability to turn his daily observations into a cast of the weird and wonderful characters, bringing an often skewed and light-hearted world to life.

“Jam Session” has been exclusively created for the Printer of Dreams and comprises of four individual prints, each exploring a different musical genre; Ska, Funk, Grunge and Rockabilly. Janne says; “when displayed as a group one can imagine them performing together in a strange musical jam session.”

What is this? 

Four prints depicting a bunch of wacky musicians jamming together in vivid colours. Each piece was inspired by the music I was listening to while I was drawing them. I’ve always been interested in the visual side of the music performance and how music, style and attitude are often intertwined.

What do you do when you’re procrastinating?

Wasting hours on end on Pinterest and going for long walks at the beach

How/When/Where do you do your work?

I work from my home studio in Hove. I don’t stick to the usual 9-5 working hours but often find myself working over the weekends too. Yerba mate, peanut butter sarnies and decent music (mostly from BBC Radio 6 or Radio Helsinki) keeps me going.

How do you earn the rent? 

I’m a full time freelance illustrator, doing mainly editorial work.

In five years time you would like to be…

Half cyborg drawing machine (no more RSI!)

In five years time you will be…

older and wiser

Final words of advice…

There’s no such thing as natural talent; only hard work: practice often, take criticism and try to enjoy what you do.

At the moment I am…


The Catcher in the Rye, The Circle by Dave Eggers and assorted quality magazines.

Listening to…

Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Ebo Taylor


Lars von Trier’s The Kingdom (Riget) tv-series and mubi

Looking at… 

the pretty pictures on my inspiration wall

We can find you at…