Soo Choi Limited Edition Giclee Print


Soo Choi / 26 / London, Seoul / Mixed media

What is this?

It is series of self-portraits from Seoul, all the photographs are taken in one old borough called Jong-ro. Some of them are street photographs but the others are taken in a Love Motel, which has rooms you can rent for a couple of hours, normally for sex.

How would you describe your approach to making art?
My work is an exploration of romantic love in today’s society, that is relatively hard to be defined. We are all capitalist consumers and love is definitely one of the items we consume. I am approaching this issue by including myself as a protagonist, drawing from both my Korean cultural identity and cliches from western conventions.

What do you do when you’re procrastinating?
I watch makeup tutorials on YouTube.

How/When/Where do you do your work?
I do not have one specific place to work but my studio at Goldsmiths is mostly where I sit down and think. Also I really enjoy the overground journey from Dalston to Goldsmiths, it is a good place for me to come up with new ideas.

In five years time you would like to be…

I would like to be an artist that keep making art mostly based in London and Seoul.

In five years time you will be…
In love

Final words of advice…
Printer of Dreams – keep on making my dreamy prints!

At the moment I am…
Sitting on fake grass in the my friend’s studio.

I love dick by Chris Kraus

Listening to…
Edward Scissorhands soundtrack


Looking at…
Korean pot noodle

We can find you at…
Instagram: soolooloo

Soo Choi Printer of Dreams

Soo Choi Limited Edition Giclee Print

Soo Choi Printer of Dreams