80s Youth Exhibition at Agora Enterprise

80s Youth is on the move this month to Agora Enterprise on Columbia Road.  So for those of you who missed out last time, there is another chance for you to check out our exhibition of re-imagined movie posters celebrating the best (and worst) of ‘80s cinema. Again we have 10 of London’s finest illustrators, who have created original works inspired by their childhood favourites, such as E.T., Ghostbusters and Stand by Me.  Expect an exhibition of nostalgia inspired by the magic of a decade when cinema changed the face of youth.  There will be Signed Limited Edition Prints available throughout the exhibition.


Wed – Thu:  Midday – 6pm
Fri – Sat:  10am – 6pm
Sun:  9am – 5pm

Rebecca Carey
Kate Copeland
Alec Doherty
Tony Johnson
Jean Julien
Annu Kilpelainen
Toby Leigh
Joe Melhuish
Edward Tuckwell
Mat Weller80s Youth

Alec Doherty Rebecca Carey